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Mercantile Credit Management's outstanding debt recovery record will improve your cash flow, enhance your customer experience and increase profitability for your business. Find out how Mercantile Credit Management can assist with your delinquent accounts today!


Our experienced investigators specialise in the location of absconding debtors. Our highly skilled agents have access to specialised databases and government records, allowing us to track down even the most evasive of debtors.


Mercantile Credit Management offers a complete legal support service, acting as an extension of your organisation in the preparation, filing, service and execution of all legal documents. Our streamlined processes ensure prompt recovery of your money.

"We understand the need to maintain rapport with your clients. Our passion is to be an extension of your business by reflecting your professional standards and integrity."


Mercantile Credit Management is proudly independent and has been achieving excellent results in credit management since 1994. Our aim is to provide businesses with the relevant tools to minimise bad debt write offs and maximise cash flow.

Every client with Mercantile Credit Management is assigned their own experienced professional, fully qualified Account Manager, licensed in both commercial and consumer debt recovery. Our unique debt collection system is extremely effective at encouraging your customers to pay their debts quickly, while minimising the necessity for legal action. Additionally, our online debt payment provides a fast and convenient way for your customers to pay their debts.

Our debt recovery system is based on a sliding scale of commission, so the larger the debt recovered, the lower the commission scale. We are also able to offer you a "7 day" commission free period and the other great news is that in a high percentage of cases, we are able to recover debts within the first 7 days!